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When The Weather Outside Gets Frightful Call GO Physical Therapy


We all know the song… the weather outside is frightful but inside is so delightful and with winter well on its way, cold days, icy sidewalks, and fewer hours of daylight means that it can be very hard to get the “umph” you need to get outdoors.Snow WhiteBorder When The Weather Outside Gets Frightful Call GO Physical Therapy

While it’s always good for us to see the outside a bit and breathe in some fresh air, it’s also very trying when we Northerner’s are faced with so many obstacles just to get from one place to another.

One of the very best reasons why we offer at-home physical therapy at GO Physical Therapy & Wellness is that very reason; weather and winter conditions can be frightening and dangerous; especially for seniors who may have balance issues or weaknesses that make it difficult to get around in good weather let alone the tough winter months. Why take unnecessary trips to and from a physical therapy clinic and even risk the possibility of injuring yourself with a slip on the ice and snow or pulling a muscle trying to plow out your car when you have someone that will come to you?

The truth is weather conditions can truly change a person’s mood and incentive to get things done. With GO Physical Therapy we come to you and the most you have to deal with may be a few flurries on our coats and a smile on our face when we greet you in your warm and cozy home. You get one on one attention from one of our certified, experienced physical therapists without ever having to bundle up and face the trials and tribulations of moving around in a cold, often wet and slippery city.

Once we get to you we can focus on getting you well, making you stronger and giving you the quality of life you deserve. You can focus on our plan to do so since you don’t have to worry about driving or finding transportation in the upcoming winter weather. Having one less worry on your mind we can get to business and get more work done to get you, or your loved one, feeling stronger and better.

 When The Weather Outside Gets Frightful Call GO Physical TherapyI’ve seen too many frazzled caretakers who have spent literally hours trying to get out of a plowed in driveway or roadway just to get their car running and warmed up for the one they love. They feel obligated to get them to their physical therapy sessions no matter what and after they finally get the transportation prepared they then have to deal with getting their loved one ready and bundled up for the outdoors. Instead, we offer a calm and serene way to get the physical therapy to you. No fuss, no worries, just simply answer the door when we get there and let us take care of you.

Now isn’t that what you deserve? Get better, get stronger, and get healthier at home without facing Old Man Winter this year. Go out when you want to go out, if you want to go out, and without feeling rushed for an appointment. Take this opportunity to make your own choice when you’ll enjoy the beautiful snowflakes falling or gaze at the ice storms as you’re snuggled inside safely.

GO Physical therapy… we come to you to bring you better health and a better quality of life.


Dedicated To Your Health & Well-being (and safety),



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