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September is National Fall Prevention Awareness Month. GO Physical Therapy and Wellness specializes in helping seniors live in aFramed Balance 246x300 Think You Can Score Well on This Category? safer world; educating seniors about fall prevention. We also offer a special Fall Prevention Therapy Program that can make a world of difference if you are experiencing issues that keep you in fear of falling. The best part is that GO PT provides at home physical therapy enabling you to receive physical therapy in the comfort of your own home. This also gives us the option of seeing your everyday surroundings to help you spot any possible issues that could create a safety issue or hazard.

There are many myths that go along with aging and especially fall prevention. Take our Fall Prevention Truth or Myth test and see how you rate!


Truth or Myth?


  • Falls are simply a normal part of aging. MYTH!

Falls can be prevented by working with a qualified physical therapist that specializes in making you stronger, more flexible, and more stabilized! GO Physical Therapy and Wellness specializes in making you feel more comfortable, stronger, and in control; so you can move about without the fear of falling! Just because you are getting older does not mean that you should accept falling as part of the package!

  • Medications can play a large part in a person falling. TRUTH!


Single medications themselves and combinations of medications can create the perfect situation to cause “vertigo” or an imbalance when combined or taken independently. Ask your primary physician or consult with your pharmacist to see if any of the medications you are on can cause any problems which may result in a fall. Include supplements, special “teas” that you use for medicinal purposes, and holistic methods you may also be using as part of your health maintenance.


  • Utilizing a walking aid (cane, walker, etc.) can play an important part in preventing falls. TRUTH!

Walking aids can play a very important part in stabilizing yourself as you walk. The key is to make sure your devices are the properly fitted and will secure you for your specific needs. Consult your physical therapist to help you ensure the walking aid you use is going to work specifically for you. Don’t be “too proud” to use an aid to keep you stable.


  • You reach a certain age when you can no longer strengthen muscles, tendons and flexibility in your body; hence why getting older often means accepting that falls are a part of life. MYTH!

GO Physical Therapy and Wellness specializes in fall prevention. These exercises are based upon strengthening our clients’ muscles and increasing flexibility. It is true that age can deplete muscle strength and flexibility; however, physical therapy can help to restore at least some of that strength. Increasing mobility by strengthening at any age is a plus, so don’t let age deter you from getting stronger and preventing falls in your future!


  • The easiest and best way to avoid falling is to simply remain safely at home and not go out. MYTH!

Statistically, a large number of falls actually happen at home. By going through our in-home Fall Prevention Therapy Program we not only strengthen you and make you less susceptible to falls; but, we also help you make your home a safer place. We will give you a checklist of items that can cause hazards of falling and help you determine how your house can specifically be made a safer place.

Do you really want to live your life as a prisoner in your own home? If your answer is ‘no’, then it’s time to call us so you can take advantage of our Fall Prevention Physical Therapy Program reducing your risk of falling both at home and in public.

Know the facts about Fall Prevention and learn how GO Physical Therapy can help reduce your risk of falling. We come directly to you in your New York home, making it even easier to prevent falls both inside and outside of your home.

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