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Them Bones, Them Bones, Them Healthy Bones!


Skeletons 300x300 Them Bones, Them Bones, Them Healthy Bones!Osteoporosis is a very real and often frightening part of aging. As a physical therapist I have researched and kept up on the latest ways to not only help my clients avoid bone fractures but keep informed about the latest information regarding strengthening and balance to help avoid breaking bones. I also focus on helping my clients regain their strength and balance to avoid falling; a huge factor in why seniors break bones to begin with. This balance and strength training is geared specifically to to those who are having balance problems; helping to make them feel stronger and more sturdy when moving.

Many seniors suffer from Osteoporosis; however, many of my older clients who may not even have Osteoporosis can often suffer from balance issues which can lead to falls and broken bones. Even without the disease of Osteoporosis, our bones can become more fragile as we age; this leads to more breaks and issues that are bone related. Often these bone issues and breaks are something that, as a physical therapist, I will work with clients to bring them back into a more mobile state while helping to strengthen their bodies and lessen their chances of falls and broken bones.

Often bone issues, breaks, and generally falls can easily be avoided with physical therapy BEFORE they happen. Taking a proactive approach to help increase your stability and strengthen your body is the best way to avoid breaks and bone issues. If you feel stronger and more stable on your feet, your chances of falling are lessened. Here at GO Physical Therapy and Wellness we specialize in balance training and can help you with various aspects of keeping your bones and all that supports them as healthy as possible! Being proactive in strengthening and balance training is one of the best ways to avoid breaking those bones!

This is the time of year when we see all kinds of fun Halloween displays and most likely skeletons all over the place. Use this as a reminder to start taking care of your bones by scheduling an assessment with us. Let us make your bones… healthy bones!

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