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The Top 10 Benefits of Physical Therapy in Your Home


Clipboard 2 blog image The Top 10 Benefits of Physical Therapy in Your HomeOver the years, whenever prospective patients or their loved ones contact me to inquire about the services that we provide, there are a number of similar questions asked; the number one being: “Is in-home physical therapy right for me?
In my experience, patients love the convenience of at home physical therapy because it is one less trip they need to take and they don’t have to sit in a waiting room while their assigned therapist is “running a little behind.”
Every day more and more people are discovering the many advantages and conveniences of having a physical therapist come to their homes. Here are the top 10 benefits of in-home physical therapy:

  1. Convenience – Your physical therapist comes to you. At home physical therapy eliminates battling traffic to reach your therapist and a possible wait for your appointment. Also, you never have to burden a family member or neighbor with getting you to your appointment if you don’t drive, or have the hassle of public transportation.
  2. Treatments take place in a REAL setting – Physical therapy at home means your therapist can evaluate your needs in your REAL environment. As a patient of in-home physical therapy you can show the therapist what you are having trouble doing and practice the skills you will need to improve, where they matter most…in your own home.
  3. One-on-one treatments – At home physical therapy allows for one-on-one treatment, giving you 100% of your physical therapist’s attention. Also, disruptions from other patients are eliminated.
  4. Privacy – Patient and family members have privacy – only those people helping to motivate the patient need be present.
  5. Stress- free sessions – The privacy of your home affords you a stress-free environment where you don’t have to worry about your hair being out of place, what to wear, (you simply need to wear loose clothing) or ‘not looking your best’.
  6. Safety – Having a therapist come to your home can eliminate traveling when tired and not fully alert behind the wheel of your car. Whether it’s to an early morning appointment after a restless night or returning from a challenging treatment session that tires you – you’ve omitted this problem by having us come to you.
  7. Simple and effective sessions – Our therapists have been trained to use the space within your home creatively and can maximize the usage of a small area to achieve the necessary room for a treatment exercise. Most equipment required for physical therapy is light and portable (such as a treatment table or walking aids), and your therapist may only need the use of an outlet for hand-held physical treatment modalities that may include ultrasound machines or electronic stimulators.
  8. Conserves your energy – Because your physical therapist works in the comfort of your home, you don’t have to expend energy getting to and from a clinical treatment session. In-home physical therapy allows patients to focus their energy on the therapy they need.
  9. Increased compliance – Because the patient is not traveling to an outpatient facility, there is less opportunity for that patient to miss a treatment session.
  10. Flexibility in scheduling treatment sessions – At home physical therapy patients have a greater degree of freedom in scheduling their treatment sessions. Patients can schedule physical therapy sessions very early in the morning, or late in the evening. This flexibility to schedule treatment sessions conveniently also promotes patient compliance.

At home physical therapy is one of the most efficient and convenient ways to obtain physical therapy with less stress, better use of your time, and comes with the individualized one-on-one care that you deserve from a well-trained and certified physical therapist.

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