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The Many Faces of Physical Therapy – Celebrating National Physical Therapy Month


Most people automatically assume that they understand the general aspects of physical therapy and the job a physical therapist does. While many people think it is fairly cut and dry, you go to PT after surgery or when an injury occurs; the reality is that physical therapy has many different faces and is not limited to repairing the body but can actually help strengthen the body before it’s ever even injured.

What many people do not understand is that physical therapy can also be utilized as a pre-operative method of conditioning the body before surgery. If you know that you are going to have a particular surgery, quite often pre-op physical therapy is advantageous in many ways. Pre-op therapy can help strengthen the area and around the area that is going to be operated on. Strengthening the muscles, tendons, and overall health of the person who is being operated on can be a tremendous advantage to an easier surgery and a faster recovery.

Injuries do not always have to be a part of why you see a physical therapist. In many cases, utilizing physical therapy to get healthier, stronger, and prevent injuries before they occur is a much wiser option. Here at GO Physical Therapy & Wellness we like to keep our clients and potential clients informed. Actually, this is why I chose to start blogging regularly; to bring information to those many baby boomers that may or may not be in my jurisdiction and areas of service. If I can help ONE baby boomer realize what their potential is when they become proactive and start a healthy lifestyle, then I feel as though all of my blogging and work is worth it!

As a baby boomer (anyone born between the years of 1946 through 1964) you are in one of the largest generations in the United States. You are now also the largest aging generation (78 million strong) and while some may be upset by that fact, I want to take this time to remind you that you are actually quite special and lucky to be among the newest group of aging seniors. Why?

First off, I’m going to get corny here… “Growing old is a privilege denied to many.” I truly believe this saying. Secondly, as a baby boomer your generation never did think insGrowingOld The Many Faces of Physical Therapy   Celebrating National Physical Therapy Monthide the box and has proven to continue to do so as they age. That means you don’t just accept what is expected of the term “aging.” Baby boomers are the first generation to stand up and take action against aging. Kudos to you! You do not accept that aging means a life of aches, pains, and chronic illnesses. Your generation inspired the terms like “50 is the new 40…” and so on.

The younger baby boomers are just beginning the stages of aging, many not even yet old enough to retire. You may have a few aches and pains, some symptoms of aging that you’ve seen your doctor for; but you probably haven’t truly begun to think of yourself as a senior citizen. That’s good because we want to train your brain to think young and understand that YOU can and SHOULD age while moving. You can age without chronic pain. You can age without accepting falling, osteoporosis, and Type II Diabetes as “the norm.”

GO Physical Therapy & Wellness believes that your generation is right. You don’t have to accept the former ways of aging and we can work with you to reverse the effects of aging by moving, safely. No matter where you are activity wise we can bring you into a life of movement. A body in motion tends to stay in motion and a body that uses its many joints, tendons and muscles tends to strengthen itself and stay healthier.

Call us to age actively, without injury and guided by professionals. You deserve to continue to stand out as a baby boomer and not be like all the other generations before you. Age well with GO PT!

Dedicated To Your Health & Well-being,



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