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Thanksgiving Wishes


Go Physical Therapy & Wellness would like to take this time to say Happy Thanksgiving to all of our clients, current & past. We would also like to take this opportunity to invite you to give us a try if you are looking for a physical therapist. We have the option of coming to you with our at-home physical therapy or you can come to us at our new location in the Retro Fitness Gym in Syosset, NY.TGCorn 300x274 Thanksgiving Wishes

When our clients invite us into their homes to help them get the expert physical therapy they deserve, we truly do take it as an honor and appreciate the time they allow us to spend with them. For all of the caretakers who bring us into your home to care for a loved one, we want to give special thanks. All too often the value of being a caretaker is taken for granted when in reality they are the foundation for a loved one having quality of life. We are thankful for all you do on behalf of your loved one. Our visits to your home give us the opportunity to make new friends, enjoy wonderful conversations, and truly be blessed that you chose GO PT to help you become stronger and enjoy quality of life.

Our time shared with our clients who come to our clinic in Syosset allows us to help you find a pain free lifestyle. We are so thankful that we have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of so many. A life of pain is no way to live and with the opportunity you give us to work with you on a regular basis we hope that you can quickly be thankful for less pain and eventually living the pain free life that you deserve.

We hope that during this time of Thanksgiving you stop to realize how wonderful your life truly can be and how special you are, to not only your friends and family but also to those of us at GO Physical Therapy.

May your Thanksgiving be filled with happiness, joy and health. Never underestimate your importance to this world because there is only one you. Let us help keep YOU as healthy as possible.


Dedicated To Your Health & Well-being,



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