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We received this note from a client’s daughter:

Thank you for everything Ray.

Not only has my Mom’s physical condition improved but she has more confidence now also.

Hope to see you again.

Maryanne H.

-Phyllis M- (Original Letter)

I am 77 years old and being treated for joint problems associated with neuropathy and arthritis.

I would tell people that Mitch, my GO PT physical therapist, is patient and dedicated. He has often stayed over his scheduled time to work with me. He is thoughtful, easy to work with and relaxed. I would wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone.


-Andrew C.- (Original Letter)

Sheldon says, “You have been helping my leg to get stronger & to have more mobility!”

He enjoys that GO Physical Therapy & Wellness has been “extremely helpful & knowledgeable.”

When asked about what he likes most about working with our physical therapist, Allen, he says “The patience he has taken & the amount of work he has done” is what stands out most with him.

The smiles on both Sheldon & Allen’s face says it all.

-Sheldon S- (Original Letter)

My name is Howard and I’ve had Parkinson’s Disease for 17 years. Previous to calling GO Physical Therapy and my starting to see Mitch, my physical therapist, I was falling two to three times EVERY day. Since Mitch began treating me, within the first 2 weeks, I have only fallen 2 times in the past two weeks. The best thing Mitch has done is show me how to get out of a chair without falling and walking without a cane. I don’t fear so much anymore and I have more of a sense of confidence with my walking now.

I would definitely recommend GO Physical Therapy & Wellness to anyone. Working within an in-home physical therapy setting has been easier for me.

My physical therapist has a good personality and I have a good rapport with him.

-Howard- (Original Letter)

I am Tess the health aide for 93 year old Dorothy, who has Alzheimer’s. Since GO Physical Therapy’s physical therapist has begun working with Dorothy it has made my job so much easier. Before she began therapy she couldn’t walk; however after about 5 or 6 sessions she’s walking with a walker! Now, after her therapy, I no longer have to lift Dorothy up by myself because she can help me by moving easier on her own. Therapy has made my job so much easier to take care of Dorothy.

Anyone who is thinking of utilizing physical therapy all I can say is DO IT! Don’t hesitate. As the saying goes “It can’t hurt to give it a try!” and with physical therapy this is really true.

I have to say that GO PT’s in home physical therapy and their therapist, Mitch, have done a wonderful job. Mitch is very professional and very considerate of Dorothy. He’s so kind to her and understands her, even when she doesn’t want to cooperate with him. He’s done a very good job.

-Dorothy- (Original Letter)

Giuseppe (Joe) M. had physical therapy with GO PT and as he says….

Physical therapy at home has made me improve on my mobility skills. I had a wonderful experience with my physical therapist, Allen and he is a person I trust.

What I enjoyed most about my experience with GO PT is the trust and patience that my physical therapist had with me.

-Giuseppe (Joe) M.- (Original Letter)

I received physical therapy from GO PT. The sessions that my therapist, Alan, performed did help my hips, knees, and upper body; but the ankle and feet positions need more therapy for me to walk.

I would recommend the services (of GO Physical Therapy & Wellness) to anyone I know.

The therapist was patient and performed the exercises well.

-Carolyn O.- (Original Letter)

My name is Anne C. I have had about 14 visits with my therapist, Alan. Alan has been very patient and helpful showing me exercises for strength and balance.

If someone was thinking about using GO PT I would recommend them very highly.

What I liked most about my physical therapist and having in-home physical therapy from GO PT is that Alan was very patient with me. He answered any questions I had and he instilled confidence in me.

-Anne C.- (Original Letter)


Jeanette H. truly enjoys her physical therapist, Allen. When asked how she felt about GO Physical Therapy & Wellness here’s what she said….

I am Jeanette H. and I’ve been receiving in-home physical therapy for several weeks now. This includes exercises and massaging. 

I would tell anyone considering using GO Physical Therapy & Wellness that your services are very good. I wish I was Allen’s age though and not having all these physical problems of pain. 

GO Physical Therapy and in particular Allen, my therapist, is very caring and he has tried his best to help me in any way he can.

We would like to add that it’s a pleasure working with Jeanette and Allen truly loves his job. He views his time with Jeanette as a great experience because she always tries her best and is such a wonderful person to be around.

Thank you Jeanette for giving us a great testimonial of our services!

-Jeanette H- (Original Letter)

I just wanted to write you a note from me to let you know how much I appreciate all your work and help for my mother. It was a very hard time and you softened the blow. I always looked forward to your visits. Mom enjoyed you and so did I. Maybe someone up above is watching over you and I. He sent you to us. I wish you good luck and hope we will always be in touch. Best Wishes


It is my great pleasure that I am writing this letter about my physical therapist Michael. He helped me develop the muscles in my legs and helped me get back on my feet. For a young man, he has such a great personality. Every time he visited he asked how my weekend was and we developed such a nice relationship. My family and grandchildren noticed such a tremendous change in me very quickly and at one point we were even dancing! If this is Michael’s behavior with all of his patients he will be extremely successful in his career.

-Marion Pettite-

I am writing this letter of recommendation for Mike Zagare. (GO Physical Therapy & Wellness)

It was my good fortune to find and work with such a dedicated, caring, and kind young man. He helped me recover from a serious hip surgery.

As a result of his expertise and diligence, I regained my ability to walk, which improved every week.

I wish him luck in all his endeavors. It was a pleasure working with Mike.”

Truly yours,



This recent therapy was necessary as I injured my back for a third time.

After the first injury, I worked with Allen Eshmoili from who after diagnosing my injury brought me relief after only three sessions. I graduated from the therapy after only seven more sessions and my back felt wonderful.

After my second back injury, I worked with someone who used a different method which was more like deep massage and stretching manipulation. Although I felt relief after each session, I had a suspicion that it was temporary and it turned out to be so since I injured my back for a third time simply slightly bending over to pick something light from a chair.

I sought Allen now with “GO Physical Therapy and Wellness” who worked with me using his special method for relieving back pain. Allen applied the method masterfully and my back pain was relieved. Allen also left me with an understanding of how to maintain a healthy back using the method’s techniques along with proper execution of exercises to keep my back injury resistant. I feel strongly that I can now prevent recurring lower back problems.

-Charles M-

For the past 5 or 6 years I have suffered tendonitis in my upper left arm. I attributed this to doing excessive exercises with too large a dumbbell. I figured I needed surgery or physical therapy.

Since Mr. Zagare (GO Physical Therapy Physical Therapist) has been treating me I noticed great progress. During the course of the day I feel no discomfort. Only when I do some exercises do I feel some type of sensitivity on occasion.

I feel with continued exercises as prescribed by Mike Z, I will be totally cured.

-Nick T-

My name is Roslyn and I am 95 years old.

For six or seven weeks, the pain in my left hip was very sharp and did not responded at all to pain medication. Finally, the third doctor arranged for house visits from a physical therapist.

Lucky for me, they sent Jean and I finally could walk without pain. She seemed to know exactly which movements would help the most. Thanks to Jean’s help, I am now very comfortable.

-Roslyn A-

Michael is a compassionate Physical Therapist dedicated to delivering great hands-on care that produces results.

He is always excited about learning new techniques and applying them to meet the needs of his clients.

-Christopher M-

Ruth writes:

I find & can get up and off a chair more easily. My leg, arms a little stronger and I can weight the leg a little better. I am still strongly troubled getting up and down stairs.

I found (my therapist) Alan quite helpful. He was very patient in helping me.

-Ruth B-

I am a 90 year old man – I was unable to walk, lie down, get up out of a chair or the bed.

I highly recommend GO Physical Therapy. They are caring, friendly, amiable and very competent.

I recommend them for two big reasons. First is convenience, because transporting is not easy. Second, the therapist is extremely competent, warm & caring.

-Anita J. L-

My wife Evelyn has Alzheimer’s and had difficulty walking getting in and out of bed and other daily routines.

After a few sessions there was marked improvements. Mike pinpointed a muscular defect and with strengthening exercises Evelyn’s quality of life has greatly benefited.
Don’t hesitate, Mike is caring, very likable, and efficient.

We are very pleased with his services. Mike explains his treatments well, giving the reason for doing them and the probable outcomes. We felt very comfortable with him and his expertise.

-Evelyn R-

My name is Richard L.

I have been in physical therapy now for about six weeks. I have been taking this project seriously. I have been doing all the exercise Michael has recommended (even if they are a pain in the neck).

I originally thought there were better ways to spend my time, but not anymore. I am standing straighter and walking with a walker much better than I was before I started PT. I have MS and had bi-lateral knee replacements done about nine years ago. I was in the habit of hyper extending my knees for stability. With Michael’s help I am keeping my knees bent for a longer portion of motion than I ever thought I could.

I feel better and look better! What could be not good about that!

I recommend Michael’s PT & Wellness program without reservation. (GO Physical Therapy & Wellness)

-Richard L-

Allen Eshmoili of Go Physical Therapy and Wellness is a kind and patient physical therapist.

The exercises that he worked on with me were very helpful in loosening up my body and making it easier for me to walk.

I would gladly recommend him.

-Lee W.-

I’m Blanche K. and I’m taking therapy with Allen.

Thanks to GO Physical Therapy & Allen I really feel I’ve benefited a great deal. I have less pain getting around and my balance is now good.

Thank you so much!

-Blanche K.-

The exercises I did were very effective in strengthening my muscles, which were weak because of my inactivity caused by neuropathy. The therapist is very helpful and encouraged me constantly.

-William D.-

My name is Bernice W. and I am 91 years old. My physical therapist, Dr. Andrew Cerullo, has helped me regain my strength, balance, decrease pain, and overall independence. I like the exercises and equipment he brings with him each visit.

No other therapist has ever provided such one on one treatments with a variety of treatment ideas. He also provided me with detailed home exercises with pictures and instructions. I do the exercises everyday and feel stronger after each day.Not only has my strength increased, but my joints and pain feel better.

The part I loved most about my therapist and in home physical therapy was the inventive exercises and convenience of being in my own home. Andrew provided me with helpful hints, exercise suggestions, and a wealth of knowledge.I would certainly tell anyone interested in physical therapy to look for your company. As I couldn’t have done it without the help of my wonderful therapist.

-Bernice W.- (Original Letter)

The therapist has helped increase strength in my legs. My balance is better and I can exercise more without pain. I find myself doing better. I am able to do things that I haven’t done in three months.Allen is a very good therapist; always concerned with his patient and communicates well with the patient.

-Paul W.-

I feel my balance is a little better since I started therapy. Walking is improved also. I’m able to walk the stairs with more ease and I don’t rely on furniture when I walk, because of my increased confidence

-Eugene A.-

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