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Stress On Your Body


Holiday Hurting – Seniors and Stress

It’s not just your mind that gets stressed during the holidays. Quite often we tend to overdo things; stressing our bodies as well as, or sometimes even more than, our minds.

Stressing your body can happen in a number of ways; from overuse to improper movements. The holiday season tends to stress your body at any age; however, seniors often pay a much higher price for that stress.

Common Types of Body Stress During the Winter & Holiday Season:

  • Sore Muscles & Tendons – become more and more common as we age; usually due to overuse. There are a few common reasons for sore muscles and tendons.

Being More Active –  during the holidays is one of the biggest reasons for aching, tired, sore muscles. Depending upon your fitness level you could be putting even more stressing your body by suddenly increasing your activity level. Seek professional guidance so that you can safely add more physical activity to your lifestyle without injury.

Slipping – slips on ice and snow can cause you to pull a muscle or sometimes even worse a tendon. You should always get any injury that occurs from slipping and catching yourself looked at by a trained professional/physician.

Carrying Too Much – overloading yourself with packages and carrying heavier loads than you are used to can cause body stress in the muscle and tendon areas.

  • Headaches – there are a number of reasons why you may find an increase in headaches during the holidays.

Mental Stress – holiday stress, stress over higher heating bills, and even health issues can all cause a stress headache.

Sinuses – because we tend to spend more time indoors and usually with a drier heat, it can tend to dry out the sinus cavities. This can cause sinus headaches.

Diet Changes – you may find yourself eating more or less healthy choices during the winter and holiday season. Any change in your diet can cause your body to react; sometimes by creating a headache.

Medication – it’s important to know the possible side effects of any medication you are on. If you seem to be getting more headaches, you may want to speak with your pharmacist or physician and ask if there are any medications that could be causing your headaches.

  • Backaches – sometimes something as simple as lifting a heavy turkey while cooking can cause back strain. Everyday tasks can take their toll on your back. Carrying bags, bending and stretching to decorate, and other normal tasks of the season can cause moderate to severe pain that should be addressed.
  • Strains & Sprains – winter time can present its own set of hazards. Here in the New York area we may find ourselves slipping and sliding on the ice and snow often. Slipping on the ice or wet flooring can cause a muscle strain or painful sprain.
  • Bone Breaks – stairs, driveways, and slippery floors from snow and ice can cause a safety hazard for everyone. Seniors are at a higher risk of breaking a bone during a fall due to reduced bone density and bone weakness (often caused by osteoporosis). According to the Surgeon General there are about 300,000 hip bone fractures each year due to falls. However, falling can be prevented.

Statistics for Bone Fractures and Falling

Prevent stress on your body

Once your body starts to get stronger and healthier you will notice that your mind follows. A personalized physical therapy regimen can help you gain strength of mind and body. You are never too old to obtain a healthier lifestyle.

GO Physical therapy can pave the path and guide you with physical therapy at home or wherever you need us to be. We come to you anywhere in the New York areas of Long Island, Queens, Bronx, Brooklyn and the immediate surrounding area.


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