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Shoveling Is A Pain In The…


We’re all quite familiar with winter storms and snow; especially those of us in the northern states. During the winter season when snow begins to fall people are often forced to fight back with some of the most unsophisticated but trustworthy tools…SHOVELS.paintherapy shoveling Shoveling Is A Pain In The...

Shoveling snow can result in many injuries and pains. The repetitive motion of shoveling will often cause rotator cuff/shoulder pain due to overuse and lifting heavy amounts repetitively. Many people will shovel snow and fill the shovels to their fullest to get more work done quickly. Unfortunately this may lead to very painful backs, necks, shoulders, and arms as muscles are pushed beyond their natural limits with excessive piles of heavy, wet snow. You don’t have to suffer from the aches and pains of snow shoveling! Contact GO Physical Therapy. We offer both at home physical therapy for pain and a pain therapy PT Clinic at Retro Fitness in Syosset,NY.

If you experience pain from snow shoveling, don’t ignore it. The first thing to do is immediately put ice on the affected area to bring down any swelling. Often shoveling snow will cause something that many refer to as a ‘micro-trauma’; meaning that the injury causes small amounts of trauma to the muscles that generally can get better on its own, with the proper care, within 24 to 48 hours. If your pain continues it’s important to seek professional help to ensure there is no real damage done to muscles, joints, or tendons. Contact your physician or call our office to have a professional look at the area that is affected. Depending upon your injury and its intensity your physician may want to get a better look at the inside of the area affected by getting and MRI or some other form of internal view of the area.

Back pain is the most common pain we see when the winter snowflakes fall. People often get over zealous and do too much at once. Lifting heavy amounts that they’re not used to lifting and lifting improperly they often can pull ligaments, muscles or herniated discs in their backs. While these back pain issues are extremely painful they can be treatable and with the proper physical therapy, especially when handled quickly and properly, will not be a permanent pain.

Many times hands-on treatments will provide a decrease in pain. Generally these hands on treatments can range from deep-tissue massage and gentle movements to exercise but not over irritate the area.

Here are a few tips if you’re out shoveling this winter shovel Shoveling Is A Pain In The...

  • Shovel smaller, light amounts of snow instead of trying to fill the shovel fully to get the area cleared faster.
  • Use your legs by bending at the knees to move the snow instead of using your back.
  • Do not load the shovel and then twist to throw the snow to another area. Instead shovel and turn your entire body to move the snow or move it in a forward direction instead. Avoid twisting your back.
  • Take frequent breaks and bend your back with both hands on your hips. Walk around for a few minutes and then resume your duties. This helps to stretch the lower back out and keep it from being overworked all at once.


It’s almost impossible to never have to shovel snow at some point during this winter season; but if you must shovel, then shovel smart. If you feel pain, don’t accept living in pain when there is help. GO Physical Therapy & Wellness offers the newest techniques known for pain relief.

Our newest location inside Retro Fitness in Syosset, NY now offers pain relief therapy for many different types of pain including those pains you can come across from shoveling snow. Utilizing The Primal Reflex Release Technique™ to evaluate and relieve pain and using the benefits of Total Motion Release to help the patient have a proactive part in healing and becoming pain free faster. Call today to schedule an appointment to help you get rid of your pain!

Dedicated To Your Health & Well-being (and safety),



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