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Senior Exercise Tips: How To Prevent The Dreaded “Plateau Effect”


A long time ago when I was 16 I started exercising with one thing in mind…TO IMPRESS THE LADIES

It drove me into the world of fitness and had something to do with me becoming a physical therapist. Throughout the years, I dabbled with exercise programs such as P90 X which stressed the importance of changing up your exercise routine to get the maximum benefit. Well sure, anything to get huge pecs, right??

Now that I’m a bit older, I have come to realize that the very same principle that drove me to have a humungous chest as a teenager, is equally important when developing an exercise program for my senior patients.

The truth is, all exercise routines can and will get stale if you do not vary some aspect of that exercise. As noted in the video, when a new exercise is introduced, the body spends some time adapting and adjusting to the new exercise. This generally leads to improvement. If the person is not challenged from there, they may begin to experience a leveling off of the results and perhaps even a decline in their ability to do that exercise over time ( we all age)

You can challenge the body in many different ways. Vary intensity, speed, difficulty of the task, add a cognitive task, make it fun, slow it down, speed it up, ANYTHING!

The result will be a body that is constantly adapting and improving versus one that is not changing or declining.

For tips on how to prevent the dreaded plateau effect, give us a call.

Wishing you health and happiness ALWAYS!!


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