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How to Spice Up Senior Exercise Routines using Neuroplasticity


Stale, Boring Senior Exercise Routines?

Hello everyone and I know it has been some time since the latest video. I hope everyone had an AMAZING holiday and I know that I am excited to get back to it, so lets go. Today’s video discusses an important topic on exercise for seniors. I believe that any exercise is good exercises but there definitely comes a time that and exercise routine needs to be taken to a new level in order to get the maximum benefit. Having a better understanding of why is also important and that is what this video is all about.

If you don’t use it you lose it! We have all heard this before and it is 100% accurate. Our brains are constantly changing based on what we stimulate them with. If we keep the same routine exercises day in and day out, the body will respond by maintaining status quo. This may be okay for some but not for us! We want to drive neuroplastic changes so that seniors are creating new neural connections in the brain which will hopefully allow them to perform everyday tasks with greater ease. Its quite simple, perform an exercise under varying circumstances ( varying intensity, speed, games, intensity etc) and the brain will adjust and create new pathways. Then when one goes to do the task, IT WILL BE SO MUCH EASIER.

These neuroplastic changes work both ways. If a person sits around all day watching TV and barely moves, the brain will adapt with negative neuroplasticty. In a sense, you will slowly lose the ability to move.

So spice up your exercise routine a bit in any safe way that you can. It can make a HUGE difference!

Wishing you health and happiness


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