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Faster, Longer Lasting Results for Our Patients

Stop spending endless months going from one machine to another, often under the supervision of an uncertified staff member, instead of the therapist you are paying for.

We help you to improve faster. Our one-on-one treatment sessions are 45 minutes (unlike the 15 minute sessions that are common with traditional therapists), using the most cutting edge techniques designed to help you to get faster and longer lasting results.

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Most Patients Experience Results within 4 Treatment Sessions or Less


Our innovative hands-on manual techniques dramatically reduce the time you spend healing versus any traditional physical therapy you may have tried in the past.

Unfortunately for the patient, today’s traditional physical therapy clinics are focused on their bottom lines almost as much as they are on helping their patients to recover. It is a bitter truth of the current economic environment where insurance companies routinely only reimburse about half of what is billed by the traditional physical therapy clinic.

In order to increase their profit margins, traditional physical therapy clinics that accept insurance often have techs and assistants providing care, while using modalities like ultrasound that do not yield results to the patient with the same speed and effectiveness experienced by patients treated with the latest, cutting-edge manual therapy techniques available.

GO Physical Therapy’s extremely effective and innovative manual therapy techniques are guaranteed to give you faster and longer lasting results so that you aren’t spending month-after-month “getting better”, but enjoying each day with a new sense of freedom and independence from pain and with improved function.

These techniques include:

PRRT addresses muscle and joint receptors along with their spinal modulation. These often overlooked and seldom-treated areas of the body are the cause and solution for many types of pain, including:

PRRT Video:

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The Benefits of Total Motion Release [TMR]