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Posture Exercises For Seniors – Poor Posture And What You Can Do


Posture Tips For Seniors- New Video Blog


Well your mom was absolutely correct. Poor posture is essential for health and vitality. In fact, I consider good posture the secret ingredient to a “Vintage Lifestyle.”

Why is that? With good posture all of our systems work much more efficiently. Lets take the lungs for example. If someone is leaning over and hunched, they won’t have the ability to breath as easily as someone with good posture.  Their lungs won’t have the capacity to expand as well it should due to restrictions in the chest area.

What else can poor posture contribute to?

Unfortunately poor posture can probably contribute to more than you may think. Many people who have poor posture suffer from joint pain and stiffness, muscle spasms and tightness. They are usually much slower while walking and poor posture can lead to balance and fall issues as well; since a person’s center of gravity is beyond their base of support.



It is also important that you have your back x-rayed for compression fractures if you or a loved one has bad posture.

There are two easy ways to help determine if you should have an x-ray taken.

  • By standing up against the wall and measuring the distance between the wall and the base of the skull.
  • Measuring the distance between the ribs and pelvis.

Both tests are explained in the video above and can be easily done by an in home physical therapist.

Please make sure to email me with any questions.

Happy Thanksgiving to all and watch that slumping on the couch!


Wishing you health and happiness always,



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