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Pain is Not a Symptom of Aging


BirthdayCake 2 blog image Pain is Not a Symptom of AgingI can’t begin to tell you the number of times that I’ve had a senior client comment to me “Oh you don’t want to hear about the aches and pains of an old lady/man.” The truth is that aches and pains should not immediately be associated with aging. Many people believe that as they age they are faced with living a life of pain. The fact is, just because you are aging does not mean that you must live with pain and physical therapy can be the answer to a pain-free lifestyle for seniors.

A typically healthy senior, who is not suffering from major diseases, breaks, or surgeries, should be able to live a relatively pain-free lifestyle. As we age we often forget that while our body ages, our minds may think we are still young. To be honest with you, keeping your body healthy may very well be a benefit of keeping your mind healthy also. The reality is that as our bodies are changing we should be changing the way we utilize them.

When I come to a client’s house for PT, one of the first things I will do is address various areas in your home that you use daily and provide suggestions on how to make your everyday routine easier on your body, less stressful for you, and safer. For example with slight adjustments you can save yourself from experiencing aches and pains; along with focusing your energy in other areas as you become stronger. Simple changes in the way you sit, where you sit, and how you get up from a sitting position can make a difference with knee pain, back pain, and even how much energy you exert. As a physical therapist I am trained to not only understand the changes in our bodies as we age, but to know how to address these changes to make everyday life less stressful on the body.

Working with a client one-on-one can help in many ways. We can establish areas in your home that need to be modified to accommodate your specific needs. Simple changes such as rearranging cupboards so that the items used most often are easily accessible; thereby, reducing accidental stretching or pulling of muscles, injuries to the back, and helping to alleviate the risk of a fall. Basically, my job is to make your life at home as easy as possible while performing everyday tasks and help you to obtain an atmosphere to promote senior strength instead of fragility and pain.

I feel that it’s most important, when working with my senior clients, to instill the idea that most movement is good movement. We can start out with a simple program to begin strengthening the body. I love seeing my clients realize that they can do the smallest of things to begin getting stronger; whether it’s pre-surgical preparation, post-surgical, or for pain management. You do not have to accept pain as a symptom of aging. I am always available to discuss the options open to you. Remember that when I, or a member of my staff, come to your home for physical therapy we have the ability to give you a true one-on-one pain management consultation and design a program that can make your Golden Years truly golden.

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