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Go Physical Therapy: Home Physical Therapist


home physical therapistMichael Zagare’s journey to becoming a home physical therapist began at the age of 16, when his father developed a very painful condition known as frozen shoulder. He witnessed firsthand the emotional and psychological toll of this condition upon his father, when for months, he could no longer do simple everyday tasks without experiencing significant pain; and barely able to move his arms, his father was unable to participate in the sports that he so dearly loved.

Michael started going with his father to all of his physical therapy sessions. As he saw how the therapist helped his father to regain a full, pain-free, and active lifestyle, Michael knew he had found his professional calling…that he wanted to help people to restore their lives through physical therapy.

Receiving his Masters of Physical Therapy degree from the University of Connecticut in 2006; Michael worked tirelessly to expand his knowledge base and practical skills as a home physical therapist, taking several advanced courses in techniques such as strain counter strain, primal reflex release, and myofascial release.

In 2008, he founded Distinctive Home Physical Therapy, which has recently transitioned into GO Physical Therapy and Wellness; a company committed to helping the senior population to enjoy longer, more productive and active lives by bringing a home physical therapist to them.

The innovative and customizable programs of GO Physical Therapy have received wide acclaim for their sensitive and compassionate approach that brings a home physical therapist into the homes of patients in Long Island, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx NY, and several other areas. GO Physical Therapy has recently become the official onsite provider of Physical Therapy services for the Long Island Alzheimer’s Foundation.

Mike’s keen interest in the areas of geriatrics and orthopedics have inspired him to author several articles and eBooks to give seniors and their families the information they need to make informed choices and to lead happier, pain-free and active lives. His latest eBook title is Maintaining Mobility: Preventing & Reversing Premature aging in Seniors.

If you were to ask him, Mike would tell you that he absolutely loves the one-on-one nature of in- home physical therapy for seniors, because it affords him the opportunity to connect with each of his patients on a deeper level in a setting that is most comfortable for them. Monday mornings are exciting to him because he truly loves what he does. For him, words can’t possibly describe what he feels inside when a patient or one of their children tells him that he’s helping them or their parent live life to the fullest again.

When Mike is not treating patients or working on the growth of his company, you might be able to find him down by the pond in Roslyn relaxing, or by the shores of Long Island’s Lido Beach catching some rays. He also enjoys a good BBQ, watching a good snowstorm or thunderstorm and going to rock concerts!