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October is Physical Therapy Awareness Month


You may have noticed that GO Physical Therapy & Wellness has been using a special “Icon” to identify our services with the fact that we bring physical therapy to you. Just like back in the day when physicians made house calls, your physical therapist can now make house calls directly to your NY home. We provide in home physical therapy right in the privacy of your own residence. We feel it’s important that you know that we can come to you anywhere in our service area in order to provide one-on-one, personalized PT service. Physical Therapy has become a whole lot more than simply fixing you back up after an injury and we bring it directly to YOU! Since October is Physical Therapy Awareness Month we thought we’d take a moment to show you that PT is a whole lot more than just fixing physical problems from surgeries or injuries. We help you get the most out of your in Medicare Part B physical therapy by taking care of all the paperwork for you and having your PT approved so you know exactly where you stand financially. Physical Therapy is much, much more and we come right to your door!
So how does GO PT fit into everyday life? Because we offer at home PT in your NY home we can offer a lot more than a typical clinical visit while keeping you or your loved one within the safe boundaries of home. We have flexible hours that allow us to come when it’s convenient for YOU to have PT.

In Home Physical Therapy is So Much More:

  • Evaluate, Discuss & Implement a Plan of Action for any possible ‘issues’ we find after an evaluation. Providing services in the areas of Queens, Bronx, Brooklyn, NYC, & Long Island we come to you and evaluate your physical abilities. Often you may only notice small things like “I’ve been dropping things” or “I’ve been tripping a lot“, etc. These are signs that many simply accept as part of aging, when in reality it’s your body telling you there could be issues in other areas. WE can determine if there are particular areas that may be weak or need specific attention. We then create a specific plan of action geared specifically to your needs. You will be guided by a certified physical therapist who has been trained and experienced in evidence-based techniques to improve your health. This is one way in which YOU can take the incentive to be PROACTIVE in your overall health. Don’t hesitate if you have any signs of aging because to be honest, you can make a difference in HOW you age. So age actively & healthy.
  • Provide Fall Prevention Techniques – specializing in preventing falls and slips that occur inside your home. We work on diagnosing exactly why you are falling and then create a proactive plan to get you strengthened and back in balance. Teaching you techniques and exercises that can be used both at home and in your everyday life. See also our special program listed below & other ways to help with balance and falling for seniors.
  • Preoperative Therapy – getting your body ready for surgery by strengthening it also helps when you begin the healing process. We can help get you both InHomePTready for surgery & recover from it with a seamless process.
  • Postoperative Therapy – our team of physical therapists can not only help promote faster and better healing after surgery; but, we can also ensure that all aspects of your body healing are covered. Just because you have a hip that’s been operated on doesn’t mean it’s just the hip that needs strengthened as it heals. We keep your entire body from overcompensating due to weaknesses in other areas while you hea. Our team remains in close contact with your physician to help complete a ‘team’ that heals your body the best way possible.
  • Exercise – we all know that exercising does positive things for the body, at any age. However, did you know that we offer one-on-on exercising right in your own home. This can be the start of making your everyday life easier as you limber your joints and strengthen your body. Exercising helps both the mind and the body at any age. We also have exercise and movement classes specialized for those with Alzheimer’s and dementia as a preferred provider with LIAF (The Long Island Alzheimer’s Foundation).
  • Stabilization to keep you “Falls Free™” – working hand in hand with the APTA & their Falls Free program. Because we can give an amazing one one one evaluation, our therapists are able to identify reasons for loss of balance, along with helping you make changes to your surrounding so that you are able to walk safely in your own home. From identifying areas of the home that can be unsafe to helping you build up strength to reduce your risk of falling, GO PT is there to help you literally with every step. We provide physical therapy for vertigo and offer exercises for balance and stabilization. You can participate with both our physical therapist there and work on balance and fall prevention exercises we leave for you to work on while we’re not there; giving you the option to continue your physical therapy in between visits.
  • In Home Alzheimer’s & Dementia Care – unfortunately a side effect of both dementia & Alzheimer’s is weakness. This weakness stems from a variety of reasons; however, because we have proudly established ourselves as a provider for the Long Island Alzheimer’s Foundation we truly know and understand Alzheimer’s and dementia above and beyond a typical therapist group. Let us work with your loved one to make them stronger and bring them quality of life as they fight this battle.

You are not alone as long as GO PT is around! We pride ourselves in our one-on-one physical therapy provided by local therapists who live in the area. Our therapists are often with our clients for months or even years and quickly become like a part of your family. We have a personal touch that goes above and beyond expectations and we hope that speaks to our clients. Don’t forget to check out our Testimonial Section to see what our current and previous clients have said about us.

Dedicated To Your Health & Well-being (and safety),


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