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While most people think of physical therapy as a way to help them get better after a surgery or an injury, the truth of the matter is that physical NPTM2013 OCTOBER IS NATIONAL PHYSICAL THERAPY MONTHtherapy is also a wonderful way of preventing injuries and surgeries. Part of our job as a physical therapist is to help our clients realize and find their way to living a healthy lifestyle. This means creating routines and therapies that actually help them to strengthen body parts and create a healthy body that is less likely to need surgeries or experience chronic health issues or injuries.

As very big aspect of being a physical therapist is to help clients never have to come to us to repair their bodies! Instead, we would rather work with you to make you stronger, healthier, and less apt to fall prey to injuries, falls, and chronic health issues. Many think that these things happen no matter what as they age or participate in sports; however, the fact is that at any age or athletic level you can injure your body and become prey health issues. Instead, utilize a professional physical therapist to create a strong and healthy body that combats sports injuries, falls, chronic health issues or other reasons that end up bringing you to our facilities (or bringing us to you) to repair your body.

What can a physical therapist help you combat or strengthen?

  • Weight Issues/Diabetes – whether you have an issue with being overweight or dealing with pre-diabetes and diabetes, we can help you by creating a specialized program that helps you move. Moving will help you lose weight and it can also be a vital part in controlling diabetes, as you strengthen your body and build muscle. A moving body is a healthier body.
  • Heart Issues – it’s no secret that exercising is an important part to having a healthy heart. If you are sedentary then we can begin a very light regimen and progress as you are able. If you are already active, we can assess your weak areas and work specifically to avoid injury to those areas while keeping you active and heart healthy.
  • Weakened Body Parts – it’s not unusual for particular body parts to weaken; whether it’s from aging, over use, or from lack of use. This means that everyone from their teens to their senior years can be affected by weakened areas of their body. A physical therapist can assess your body, your gait, your motions, and your overall body condition. Once assessed, we can tell you what areas we feel are weaker and help you strengthen them.
  • Give a Proactive Approach to Your Health – as PT’s we have the knowledge to prepare your body and strengthen the areas needed. It is no secret that physical activity can help reduce your risk of diabetes, strokes, heart disease, and even cancer. This is the case whether you are a senior just beginning a more active lifestyle or you’re already an active athletic person. You can reduce risks of sports injuries, falls, or weekend warrior tears and sprains by taking a proactive approach with a physical therapy regimen created just for you.

We want people to recognize that as physical therapists we do more than just help you mend or recover. We can help you strengthen your body at any age. We can help you before, during, and after surgeries. Working with us pre-surgical can make your surgery and your recovery go smoother. Working with us after surgery, the typical way most people think of physical therapy, we can help you heal properly. Finally, working with us after you have recuperated will help you lower your risk of re-injuring that same area and strengthen other areas to avoid even more health issues.

Please keep in mind that this month is Physical Therapy month so that we can let you see the many faces of physical therapy and what we can offer you! Remember that GO Physical Therapy can come to you or we now offer a clinic at Retro Health in Syosset, New York where you can come regularly to begin your road to health and happiness. Don’t forget to click the Retro Health link to get your 1 month free offer for our clinic!

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