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“Master” Your Abilities – Get ready to be outdoors this summer!


AzaleasToday is the last day of what many golfers would compare to the Super Bowl of golf or the Stanley Cup of the greens; it is the final day of The Masters Golf Tournament. The Masters Golf Tournament is held each year in Augusta, Georgia and even non-golfers tend to see at least a few shots of the beautiful greens at which they are played. In case you missed it, Bubba Watson won (his second title) the 2014 Masters.

Why do I bring up the Masters Golf Tournament today? One of the biggest reasons is that as you click through the channels on your television you cannot help to stop and glimmer, for even an instant, at the beauty of the golf course. The green luscious grass, the beautiful flowering trees, and the gorgeous Azalea bushes the create the beauty that surrounds the excitement of the sport of golf as it happens. Here’s a thought though, we’ve had small tastes of spring and the beauty of the outdoors come through locally and I know it gives everyone spring fever. I myself have found that I seem more invigorated with the longer hours of sunshine, the ability to move without putting on layer after layer of clothing, and most of all seeing small hints of the glory of a warmer season that’s coming to stay. As the tulips and daffodils peek out, the trees begin to bud and we all begin to complain about our allergies we also have to realize that we are going to want to start venturing outdoors again. We’re no longer held prisoner in our homes… or are we?

If you’re looking at spring with mixed thoughts, thoughts of the excitement of being outdoors again yet intrepidation of being unstable on your feet and perhaps slightly in danger of falling then it’s time to call GO Physical Therapy and find out how we can get you ready for spring time, sunshine and feeling confident again.

Your body needs to prepare for the new season and, just as you would get your lawn mower checked over and prepped for the season, your need to begin prepping your body for the new season also. Our physical therapists can come to your home or place of residence and work with you on many aspects that will leave you feeling more confident and ready to approach the beautiful spring and summer weather without fear.

Our Fall Prevention Program is a must for anyone who is slightly unstable on their feet. Often, as we age we seem to simply accept that we FallPreventionGreenBorder“stumble” and “trip” more often. The reality is that this is NOT a typical and acceptable part of aging. Our trained physical therapist can come to you and perform an easy, thorough overall assessment of your abilities. Once we’ve determined why you may be unstable on your feet or perhaps not able to get out like you’d like, we can create a program specific to your needs. With regular check points to determine how well you’re adjusting with the program we set up for you, we can determine if there needs to be any small adjustments that would make your progress any better or easier. Participating in our Fall Prevention Program will help you stand stronger and longer, with less fear of falling. This alone can get you moving so that you can begin to move around and enjoy life. Once you are stable on your feet we will work on getting you strong. We’re not interested in making you a tri-athelete! We want to make you strong enough to feel comfortable doing everyday things like walking to the front or back porch or patio and simply enjoying the sunshine. We want you to be able to move freely in the warmth of the sunshine and perhaps even work in a small, raised patio garden with a few flowers.

It’s time you became THE MASTER of your own life and enjoy the world as you used to. Aging is not a reason to stop living, but a reason to live life even more fully. If you’re missing the days when you looked forward to the spring and summer sunshine, hearing the laughter around you as you enjoyed a sit on the balcony or porch with a tall glass of iced tea; then it’s time to call us so we can get you back into life! Maybe it’s time to put on your “Green Jacket” and celebrate life safely! We’re here for you. We want you to enjoy the outdoors, the sunshine and the glory of the long days as you stand strong and live pain-free. Enjoy your spring and summer season safely, without falls, and with feeling as though you’ve been refreshed after a long winter indoors.

Dedicated To Your Health & Well-being (and safety),





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