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Is Your Health Going Downhill?


downhill Is Your Health Going Downhill?

Don’t let your health go downhill this winter!

Your health is a combination of mental and physical condition. Often during this time of year we experience health issues of various types; from depression to aches and pains from cold damp winter conditions this time of year can often be hard on us, especially as we age.

In the winter, younger people tend to get out more, do more outdoors, and tend to keep a more active social life then older people. They also participate in many activities that keep them physically moving. Seniors tend to “snuggle in” for the winter and leave the house much less often than normal. This in itself can lead to depression. Because of the fear of falling, slipping on ice, and being amongst many sick people with colds and flu it is not unusual for seniors in our area to become “winter hermits” by staying inside more than getting out. This can truly begin a downhill spiral of your health.

This can be very detrimental to anyone’s health, but especially to seniors. If you tend to be even slightly active senior during the warmer months, taking walks or even just moving around more by doing every day errands and now make the sudden switch to being much less active due to the weather your body and your mind will have adverse effects. This sudden change in activity can bring about many problems as the days go by. Remember, the less active your body and joints & muscles are the higher the chances for pain and issues to creep in. Exercise, of any type and style increases endorphins and endorphins released into the brain brings about feelings of happiness & reverses depression.

GO Physical Therapy offers an in-home solution to your winter inactivity! We can come directly to you and perform an onsite analysis and consultation to determine what can be done to give you a more active lifestyle and better mindset. We will explain where you may have certain weaknesses and imbalances that should be addressed. In the process we will bring your activity level up to a standard that you are comfortable with and feel at ease approaching. Working with you on a regular basis we can get you moving, make you more stable on your feet with our specialized “Fall Prevention” program and keep you from getting weak from a sedentary lifestyle. No matter what fitness level you may be at, we can work with you to get you to your best level of fitness possible and feeling better, more energetic, and stronger.

snowface Is Your Health Going Downhill?

For those that don’t mind coming outdoors during the winter… check out our new facilities in the Retro Fitness center in Syosset, NY! We can work with you one on one in a clinical atmosphere to help you with any of your winter aches and pains. We offer an amazing program that can physically bring you up to where you should be… feeling pain free and full of life!Usually those who become sedentary during the winter months do so because they don’t like or sometimes even fear going out into the winter conditions. We conquer those fears by coming to you. Getting you moving with fun and uncomplicated but proven methods of physical therapy, we can literally change your mindset & your physical condition within a few sessions. Don’t be held captive in your own home by Old Man Winter! Let GO Physical Therapy & Wellness come to you and help you feel better; so when spring comes around you’ll be ready to step outdoors with confidence and a feeling of strength & vibrancy.


Dedicated To Your Health & Well-being (and safety),



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