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How Physical Therapy Can Make You Heart Healthy


Heart How Physical Therapy Can Make You Heart HealthyThe last in our series of celebrating National Heart Health month I’d like to focus on how GO Physical Therapy, serving the Long Island area, can help YOU get HEART HEALTHY!

To begin with we have a number of options to serve each client with a program that we create specific to their needs; making your commitment to getting healthy an obtainable goal with a therapeutic approach.

GO Physical Therapy & Wellness offers a Wellness Program where we come to your house and evaluate your abilities, your goals and your options. Once we make our assessment we can begin a program that is designed specifically to you. This means that we can help anybody at any age and with any abilities or disabilities. We accommodate your program according to your specifics. Unlike a gym, we don’t simply toss you into a big room loaded up with people and machines and tell you to go for it. Instead we have a personal approach that will not only give you one-on-one personal training but ensures that any movements you are doing are being done properly. With a trained eye and knowledge of the human body we can literally work with any age range and ability safely. We understand that not every person is the same and we also understand that not everyone is the “gym” type of person. Often a gym atmosphere can be detrimental to a client keeping up with an active lifestyle and maintenance.

What Do We Offer That A Gym Usually Doesn’t?

Senior Exercising Framed How Physical Therapy Can Make You Heart HealthyTo begin with we want to emphasize that GO Physical Therapy & Wellness has a licensed, certified, and well trained physical therapist that works with you. Because we have this option and because we come to you here are just a few of the things you get with us when you utilize therapeutic methods as a means of beginning a healthy lifestyle

  • We Come To You – this means that you are more likely to continue your program, learn how to remain active and continue your active lifestyle as it becomes part of your daily routine
  • Your Program Is Designed Specific To Your Needs – this means that you won’t have days where you overdo things, pull muscles, ache horribly and can’t move simply because you aren’t being shown how to do things right. We make sure you are taught not only how to become active but we work with you at a pace that can help keep you focused & truly make it a part of your daily life.
  • You Start In Your Home & Stay In Your Home – so you will not only be able to get active but stay active because you are going to learn activities that you can do right there in your own house!
  • We Offer A Variety Of Options – we grow with you as your abilities change and if you should run into a fork in the road where your needs change we are there for you as well.
  • No Scary, Pricey, Overwhelming Machines & Atmosphere – because we are trained physical therapists we know how to truly take a minimalist approach. You won’t be overwhelmed by big machines, loud music, screaming “leaders” to pump you up. We are a professional group of therapists who show you professional techniques, movements and actions that are not only proven to work but that we utilize regularly for a variety of results. You simply feel comfortable in your own home.

The end result is that, because we come to you, we can offer a lot of things that a gym membership cannot. The biggest benefit is the one-on-one care you receive from us. Paying for a personal trainer in a gym can cost a lot of money and take you to levels that may be overwhelming. We will never be overwhelming to you because we assess your needs and your abilities. You NEED to get heart healthy and start getting active now and GO Physical Therapy can help you prevent strokes and heart attacks by showing you how to exercise. Any age, any abilities, we can show you positive results by getting you moving and working with you one on one.

Do it the safe, professional way with us bringing the physical activity to you so you can start moving and get healthy, safely!


Dedicated To Your Health & Well-being (and safety),




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