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How to Choose a Physical Therapist


The choice of the right physical therapist to address your individual therapeutic needs is not only critical, but will potentially impact you for better or sometimes (unfortunately) for worse.

While absolutely important, you must look beyond their license, education and certifications for the intangibles…those attributes that set them apart and above their similarly licensed, educated and certified colleagues. Are they compassionate? Do they listen carefully to your concerns and make you feel that they have a true understanding of your situation? Do they elude a sense of integrity and trustworthiness while working with you in your home?

My staff and I bring the physical therapy into your home. By entering your home, we are able to get a snapshot of your surroundings, as well as are able to work with you in the setting you are most comfortable with, free from worry. You can remain focused entirely upon doing those things that will help you to improve each day.

Choosing the right physical therapist often means looking at the practice itself, its accessibility and ability to work within your schedule, obligations, transportation needs, etc.

I understood that, more often than not, my senior patients were truly distraught about the entire process of simply getting to their appointments. The amount of stress that we took off of the client, simply by bringing their physical therapy services to them was an astonishing and very pleasant discovery.

When my staff sees the difference that coming to the patient’s home makes in our service, they are often amazed at how quickly we become almost like a member of the patient’s family. We provide an intense, yet compassionate type of PT that rises well above the physical aspects of healing. That one-on-one contact is priceless.

I appreciate and respect each patient that I encounter; taking the time to connect with them in a manner that gives me insight into their lives, helping me to create a customized treatment strategy designed to dramatically improve the quality of life they experience each day.

Go Physical Therapy was built upon the cornerstone of these core treatment philosophy beliefs and it is what sets us apart from any competitor.

When you choose the right physical therapist, you should feel comfortable asking your physical therapist any questions regarding your course of care; including specifics regarding the type of exercises to be preformed and expectations. You should have a therapist who talks through the treatment process with you and treats you as the decision maker.

During my initial visit in your home, I conduct an evaluation to identify current and potential problems. Based on the results of the examination and considering your specific goals, I will create a plan of care to include specific exercises. I include not only instructions on how to perform these exercises at home to facilitate your recovery, but I will propose a timetable to achieve these goals.

It is very important to me that every patient has a complete understanding of their physical therapy process. I provide full access to all information gathered during the initial session and give regular updates to each patient on the status of their improvement.

Finally, as a patient you’re going to want to make sure that your physical therapy is financially covered by insurance, Medicare, or other payers before you begin therapy. Again, this is where my staff and I, along with our expertise, are there to help walk you through any critical information necessary to begin working with us easily.

Go Physical Therapy conducts business based upon the belief that physical therapy is a mutual arrangement, maintained by both the therapist and the patient – with the patient being in charge of their own end result.

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