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Vintage Senior Living: Home Modifications 101


Home Modifications For Seniors


Hey guys. check out this video on “Vintage Senior Living” and Home modifications. Its a short video about the importance of having a home modified specifically to meet the needs of seniors. Each and every person has their own circumstances and that is why those gadgets and gizmos seem in magazines are often a big waste of money. I have seen people order dozens of products such as cane holders, improper seating cushions and even expensive tilting chairs that don’t fit the needs of the individual. These products are often never used and sit around collecting dust because they weren’t the right fit to begin with.


Some other things to consider is to have a professional such as a physical therapist come in to your home and evaluate the situation. Not only can we help you make the correct purchase to modify your home the first time, we can evaluate some of the physical challenges that is making the activity difficulty. We can then suggest various modifications and come up with a detailed plan of action that will help seniors regain the strength, flexibility, endurance and balance to perform the activity better.

That is another reason why physical therapy at home is so important. By seeing the patient in their own natural environment, we can make the necessary modifications and perform exercises that are highly targeted to help that specific person STAY AT HOME.

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Wishing you health and happiness

Mike Z

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