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Happy Holidays


I would like to take this moment to wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday Season. I realize not everyone treedecorating 300x219 Happy Holidayscelebrates Christmas but during this time of year, while you may or may not be celebrating a holiday season, we at GO Physical Therapy & Wellness wish you and yours the best of health and happiness.

Take these days to reminisce about the past, to smile about the possibilities of the future and to be thankful for the present. These are truly days when we witness miracles of all types and see some of the most wonderful movements of mankind being thoughtful and kind to strangers. If we could only share those moments every day perhaps our world would be a much better place. I ask that during this season and throughout the winter, if you have an elderly person who lives near you help them through these tough wintery days. Stop by and give the gift of friendship, make sure they’re warm and getting food. Carry the glory of this wondrous season throughout the year; starting with caring for a senior that could use just a minute or two of your time and caring.

My staff and I also want to thank those who have come to us for physical therapy and health guidance. Whether you are getting stronger, feeling younger, getting pain free or if you’ve found us to help guide you and your family through trying times of dealing with a loved one who may be diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or some other ailment that is causing them pain; we want to thank you for allowing us to be an intimate part of your life.

Remember that the best gift of all is the gift of a healthy and pain free lifestyle. GO Physical Therapy can offer this wonderful gift to you or someone you love. Call us so we can help you start your new year off in a healthy direction. Aim high, get back an active lifestyle, live life without pain and feel young at heart once again!

Call us today to schedule an appointment or just to wish us a Happy Holiday season! Here’s to a wonderful holiday filled with memory making moments that will last a lifetime. From everyone here at GO Physical Therapy and Wellness Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Dedicated To Your Health & Well-being (and safety),



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