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Preventing Falls In The Bathroom | Bathroom Safety For Seniors


Grab Bars Can Help Prevent Falls In the Bathroom


I know this sounds like a rather dry topic and there’s not much too it right? Well your right, it is dry but definitely important! And actually there are quite a few things to consider when using grab bars in your home. So lets get right into it. Check out this video below and get some tips on grab bars and bathroom safety for seniors.

Remember when choosing the location of your grab bars to test it out first. You can use suction cup grab bar first and try it out so that you can pinpoint the exact location that helps you or a loved one perform their best. These suction cup grab bars can be found at your local pharmacy or they are available online. Remember, that for some people every inch counts and you want to minimize any mistakes when doing expensive construction projects. This is where the suction cup grab bars come into play.

As far as placement, usually grab bars are placed vertically when entering or exiting a tub. This creates a better wrist angle and allows people to hold on with a better grip. When inside the tub, its usually best to have more of a horizontal placement of the grab bar. This is because it will cover more space in the shower.

Some other key points are:

  • Having adequate contrast between the wall color and grab bar color so that the grab bar can be easily seen
  • Making sure the grab bar that you choose has a surface that increases traction and improves your grip
  • Having the grab bars professionally installed and adequately checked for proper installation

Remember that falls are the leading cause of hospitalizations in America and most of them are avoidable. By having grab bars placed in the right locations, you’ve taken one important step to reduce the risk.

Wishing you health and happiness!!

Mike Z, Go Physical Therapy and Wellness

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