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Glaucoma Awareness Month


January is National Glaucoma Awareness Month. According to the National Institute of Health glaucoma can affect anyone but those highest at risk are seniors. A quick and simple explanation of glaucoma is that it is a result of fluids that drain too slowly out of the eye; thereby, creating a pressure behind the eye. The reason for this happening is still not really known and there is no cure. However, the good news is that while there may be no cure, when glaucoma is diagnosed early it is manageable. The loss of vision caused by glaucoma cannot ever be restored, but the remaining vision may be able to be saved in most cases. The most important thing to remember is to get regular visual checkups because the early diagnosis of glaucoma can truly be the difference of how much vision is lost.

GO Physical Therapy can help those with glaucoma and other vision loss issues by offering a number of services to increase quality of life. Often, the use of walking aids is needed when one’s vision becomes impaired. We can work with you to demonstrate proper use of walking aids and help you determine what, if any, changes may need to be made in your home. Because we come to you, we see you inside your home and know the elements you face as your vision changes. We will work with you until you feel comfortable using your walking aids, give you hints and tips on how to use them safely and answer any questions you may have.

As a person loses vision, for any number of reasons, they often begin to do less. Feeling less confident with walking and moving around they can become sedentary. As you can see by the picture below, a person with severe glaucoma can have quite a substantial loss of vision, especially in their peripheral area. While moving around less, feeling less confident, and doing less as a whole, a person can often become weak and even start gaining weight. Another problem with vision loss is learning how to compensate for the loss; often they will experience a loss of balance and are prone to falls. Again, referring to the picture above you can imagine how frightening it would be to walk and not know what you could be missing as you step!

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GO Physical Therapy Can Help Those With Vision Impairment

We offer a variety of physical therapy and exercise programs that can help those with vision loss and/or impairment. As mentioned, a loss of balance and being more prone to falling is often a side effect of vision impairment. GO Physical Therapy has a well-proven and exceptional Fall Prevention Program. By working with balance issues we can have you feeling stronger and safer when on your feet. We also offer an exceptional exercise program where we can start working with you at the point where you are most comfortable working. If you’re not one who is used to exercise we can begin with light movements and exercises; working on various weakened areas and concentrating on strengthening you where needed. The best part about any of our programs is that they are created around your specific needs, adjusted to your specific abilities or disabilities and we come to you so you don’t even have to leave your home or place of comfort.


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