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Do You Know the Facts About Seniors & Falling?


Many times people assume that falling is simply a part of the aging process; however, nothing could be less true! In most cases falling is a symptom of an underlying issue that a person is experiencing and there is a way to combat falling. Battling falls can be made with simple changes in your environmental surroundings along with the professional help of a physical therapist who understands and uses evidence-based techniques to improve your ability to stand and move with more confidence. The very first part of the process of keeping seniors “Fall Free” is to determine why they have fallen or are in danger of falling. This determination is made after a fairly simply and painless screening that GO Physical Therapy can do right in your own home or any place you feel comfortable. We also offer a variety of screenings at various times to the public at local events around the area. Simply call us to see if we have a current event coming up or even have us come to you in order to screen you with some simple movements and actions to help us determine if there are underlying issues.

Know The Facts About Senior FallsIndependenc_Falling2

  • 1/3 of Seniors 65+ will fall
  • Many times seniors don’t tell their friends, family & physician if they have fallen due to fear of what may happen to them if they are seen as more fragile & weak or unable to care for themselves – these unreported incidents lead us to believe that the actual number of falls seniors may be experiencing is much higher than we think
  • Falling once generally is a sign that more falls will follow – if you have fallen even once it may actually save your life to address the problem immediately
  • Many seniors limit their activities & going out into public in order to prevent falls if they have fallen – this is not the answer & will only isolate them more from social interactions
  • Over 12 thousand seniors 65+ will die from a fall
  • Having a stroke increases your risk of falling – 40% of those who have a stroke will experience a fall
  • Getting professional help after an immobilizing fall will not only increase the chances of being able to remain independent but will also improve your chance of survival by 80%

Fall Prevention With Go Physical Therapy

InHomePTAs we age our muscle strength decreases; however, you can regain strength with the proper techniques. Being strong is one of the best ways to ensure your safety when walking and moving around inside or outside of your home. Our physical therapists will determine if and why you have any particular weaknesses and then design a program around your personal needs. We will take into consideration your surroundings, your abilities or lack of ability to perform certain tasks, and work with you to become more independent and safe.

Go Physical Therapy & Wellness serves the areas of Queens, Bronx, NYC, Long Island, and Brooklyn. If you are in or around the areas listed please give us a call and talk to us about living a life Falls Free with a fall prevention program designed specifically for you!


Dedicated To Your Health & Well-being (and safety),



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