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Celebrating Older Americans Month – Physical Therapy for Seniors


Do you realize how important seniors are to our world? Their place in our lives is an amazing blessing and their existance is priceless. That’s exactly why May was set aside as Older Americans Month. As part of celebrating our Older Americans the focus is on senior safety. Why? Because every year over 3 million seniors are injured by accidents of various types and 300,000 will die. Having a great amount of contact with seniors in the NY area I see the beauty and glory that our older Americans give to our world. I want to provide the resources and ability to keep these wonderful seniors safe whether at home or while they’re out enjoying life.

One of the many ways GO PT helps to keep our New York seniors safe is by offering services such as our Fall Prevention therapy. With fall prevention we focus on the client getting stronger and steadier on their feet. Because we come to you, we can also help you adjust your surroundings by making certain recommendations that can help you prevent slipping and falling. Simple changes such as removing all throw rugs, never walking in stocking feet, and installing sturdy railings and bathroom safety bars. We will also work with you with walking aide devices, such as canes and walkers, if needed. As we work with you to improve your gait, your strength, and your confidence while moving around you will begin to regain the ability to be more mobile. These small steps in improving your quality of life as you age can make a huge difference in your overall health, both physical and mental.

My entire staff and I enjoy working with the many seniors of New York and truly find it a privilege to work with the Older Americans in our area. We are seeing more and more centenarians (those 100 and over) and this isn’t by accident. This is happening because today’s seniors are taking better care of themselves and taking a proactive approach with their health. Seniors today understand that they can age actively by exercising and moving as much as possible and we’re here to help. When they aren’t feeling well they take action, such as receiving physical therapy to strengthen them as they age. Our Older Americans are clearly smarter and better at taking action so their quality of life is the best it can be.Senior_Child_Border

Because we specialize in what we call “Super Seniors” (people 85+) we get the chance to see the Older Americans who truly do make a huge difference in our world. Often aging Americans will think that because they are “getting old” or “so old” they aren’t of any use to the world. We not only KNOW that’s not true but we truly enjoy learning from them as we work with them to get stronger and healthier. The many ways we engage our clients as we work with them is amazing and so many times we literally bond so tightly with our clients and their families that we feel like a part of their family. One thing we have learned about the Older Americans in our area is that they have amazing stories and histories to share with us and their families are often so filled with love for them that we get to see beautiful moments of being blessed with an “aging” loved one right before our eyes. This is a part of the celebration of Older Americans; having people realize the worth, the knowledge they hold, and the love they provide for everyone they meet. As part of celebrating Older Americans Month I not only wanted to make people aware of what physical therapy can do for seniors to keep them safe and healthy, but I wanted to remind everyone of the value Older Americans have in our society. They are walking history books, loving human beings, and fill our world with joy & laughter.

So as we celebrate our Older Americans and relish in the fact that more and more of our seniors are becoming centenarians I’d like to ask you to take a moment and think about the seniors in your life and how they’ve affected you. These seniors may be our spouses, our grandparents, our great-grandparents, our aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, or simply friends we have met along the way. Recognize their value in our world and make sure that they are safe and healthy as they age, so they can age with the quality of life they deserve. If a senior in your life is experiencing physical difficulties contact us and let us make an overall assessment of their health, their weaknesses, their abilities and their needs. We specialize in senior physical therapy and are the recommended therapists of the Long Island Alzheimer’s Foundation. We work with those who are affected by dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and more. GO Physical Therapy & Wellness will come to them in a variety of venues (individually in home therapy, at senior facilities, and working with groups of seniors) to work with them one on one or if we are called for group sessions, as a group with personalized service.

Dedicated To Your Health & Well-being (and safety),


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