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Benefits of Exercise For Older Adults- Create A Reserve Of Muscle Strength and POWER!!


Benefits Of Exercise For Older Adults- Senior Strength and Power

Hey guys!

In this video, I’m going to show you why it is important to build a reserve of strength and power as you age. You see, there are millions of seniors who are towing the line of being independent and not! They don’t have a “functional reserve” of strength or power. This means that any illness, injury, or setback could place them amongst the 30% of Americans who are dependent on others or who are living in some form of assisted living.

The test is super simple and requires nothing but a chair and stop watch. Please feel free to email me your scores and i’ll let you know how you are doing. Just remember to be safe and only do this exercise if you absolutely know you are capable of doing it.

In this example, Fake Lady did pretty poorly on the lower extremity strength test! She needs some work! We want all seniors to be well above the 50% mark. For this particular example, physical therapy at home would likely be something that could help her out significantly. We could show her exactly which exercises are required to build up muscle strength and power. We would then retest Mrs. Fake Lady a few weeks later to track her progress!

I have seen several people score at or around the 25% mark only to make considerable progress in about six weeks. This means that the person has more power to do everyday activities such as getting up from a chair, getting out into the community, seeing their grandkids graduate, family events and so much more. It’s the reason why I do what I do. To help seniors and their families enjoy life to its fullest, at any age!

I wish you all STRENGTH, health, and happiness!


Mike Z


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