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How to Spice Up Senior Exercise Routines using Neuroplasticity

Stale, Boring Senior Exercise Routines? Hello everyone and I know it has been some time since the latest video. I hope everyone had an AMAZING holiday and I know that I am excited to get back to it, so lets go. Today’s video discusses an important topic on exercise for seniors. I believe that any […]


Vintage Senior Living: Home Modifications 101

Home Modifications For Seniors   Hey guys. check out this video on “Vintage Senior Living” and Home modifications. Its a short video about the importance of having a home modified specifically to meet the needs of seniors. Each and every person has their own circumstances and that is why those gadgets and gizmos seem in […]


Stress On Your Body

Holiday Hurting – Seniors and Stress It’s not just your mind that gets stressed during the holidays. Quite often we tend to overdo things; stressing our bodies as well as, or sometimes even more than, our minds. Stressing your body can happen in a number of ways; from overuse to improper movements. The holiday season […]


Posture Exercises For Seniors – Poor Posture And What You Can Do

Posture Tips For Seniors- New Video Blog   Well your mom was absolutely correct. Poor posture is essential for health and vitality. In fact, I consider good posture the secret ingredient to a “Vintage Lifestyle.” Why is that? With good posture all of our systems work much more efficiently. Lets take the lungs for example. […]


Benefits of Exercise For Older Adults- Create A Reserve Of Muscle Strength and POWER!!

Benefits Of Exercise For Older Adults- Senior Strength and Power Hey guys! In this video, I’m going to show you why it is important to build a reserve of strength and power as you age. You see, there are millions of seniors who are towing the line of being independent and not! They don’t have […]


Stop Slips And Falls In The Shower

Falls In Older Adults- Shower Safety   Some falls in older adults are preventable.  This is a follow up post to last weeks video on fall prevention in the bathroom. In this video you will learn about preventing water from collecting outside of the tub. Excess water on a slippery floor is an accident waiting […]